AR Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Ross Announces Jobs Plan

FORT SMITH, AR -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross has a plan to bring more jobs to the Natural State. Ross visited Fort Smith Thursday to announce his "Jobs First" initiative. Ross says the plan is a comprehensive job creation and economic development plan.

The first part of Ross' plan is to strengthen public education and improve workforce training. He says he wants every Arkansas student to graduate ready to pursue college or a career so the workforce is well positioned for the jobs of the future.
Ross also wants to cut taxes for working families, small businesses and manufacturers so they can keep and invest more of their own money. In addition to that, Ross hopes to cut red tape and reduce government regulations on job creators, particularly small businesses. He wants to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Arkansas' economy, making it easier to start and grow a small business, as well as develop what he calls "work-ready communities" through public and private partnerships to attract good-paying jobs.

Ross will talk more about his plan to bring jobs to Arkansas on "The Natural State of Politics" podcast Friday morning with KNWA Today's JR Davis. CLICK HERE for a link.

You can also CLICK HERE to view Ross' complete "Jobs First" plan.

Ross' Republican opponent for governor, Asa Hutchinson, responded to his announcement, releasing a statement that said:
"When it comes to job creation, there are fundamental differences between myself and my Democratic opponent, Mike Ross. I released 'The Asa Plan -- Making Arkansas Competitive: A New Jobs Plan for 2015 & Beyond' in April of this year. Job creation is so vitally important that, as governor, I will lead our economic development and not delegate it to another office. Mike Ross wants his running mate, John Burkhalter, to lead his effort. I have said from the beginning that my top priority is job creation and economic growth. I will be the jobs governor; Mike Ross is not sure what his priority will be. Last month, he claimed that he would be the education governor and that was his top priority. This month, he says 'jobs first.' What will his top priority be next month?"

Ross and Hutchinson will also face Green Party candidate Joshua Drake and Libertarian Frank Gilbert in the November general election.

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