Arkansan Could Be Bobsledding in 2018 Winter Games

SEARCY, AR -- A 2002 Searcy High School graduate has her eye on the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.

Brittany Reinbolt is on the U.S.A. Development Bobsled Team, meaning her chance at the Olympics could be coming soon.

Brittany said she has a love for the sport.

"I think it was a mix of TV and Cool Runnings," she said. "It's like an adrenaline rush, and I'm an adrenaline junkie so it's awesome."

Brittany trains with the U.S. team in New York. On Wednesday, her teammates in Sochi won the silver and bronze medals.

"Those girls right now that are in Sochi are some of my best friends in the world," she said.

Her hope is to be on that Olympic Team in four years.

Brittany said the women in Russia were also part of the Development Team at one time in their career.

"I'm still in the mix, and hopefully in the future I can be where they are," she said.

When she's back home in Arkansas there's not a bobsled track to train on, so Brittany and her dad made a sled.

"We happen to have a hill in our front yard that is a similar grade to a bobsled start," she said. "A normal bobsled is about 400 pounds, so I'll sometimes add a bunch of rocks in here just to give it a ton of weight."

As the 2014 Winter Games begins to wind down, Brittany will keep her focus four years down the line.

"I mean you can't just hop in a bobsled and over night be an Olympic Champion," she said. "I definitely have to bust my butt, like do you see those girls on TV, like they're no joke."

Brittany said the top three U.S. drivers made it to Sochi. She finished fifth.

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