Arkansas' Castle Doctrine Law: Possible Defense for Teen's Shooter?

Published 02/20 2014 08:51AM

Updated 02/20 2014 09:26AM

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A 48-Year-old shooting suspect remains behind bars.

Willie Noble is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of a 15-year-old shot in the head during a prank gone wrong.

It could be a while before this case gets any traction in court, but some say there could be a defense for Noble, the man accused in the death of Adrian Broadway under the Arkansas' Castle Doctrine Law.

Little Rock Police say Willie Noble fired multiple times into a car full of teenagers after finding out his car had been vandalized as part of an apparent prank.

But do the experts agree, does he have a chance in court?

"Well I would say just slightly because what that really means is you don't have to retreat in your home, your castle before using deadly force. Granted the gentleman was shooting, saying that he didn't intend to hit, he intended to scare but when you're using a firearm shooting at someone that is considered deadly force," says Felicia Epps, a professor of criminal law at UALR.

According to the arrest affidavit, Willie Noble watched as a car pulled up to his house and when someone got out and ran toward his car, that's when Noble opened his front door and started firing.

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