Ask an Expert: Excess skin along my jawline.

It's time to Ask an Expert. Today's expert is Susie Reed from Hull Dermatology & Aesthetics, and her question is: I am 45 and I look tired all the time, I have folds between my nose and corner of mouth and I am starting to get excess skin along my jawline. What can I do to treat this?

"I see and hear this every day in my practice," Reed says. "The first thing I evaluate is volume loss in the cheeks making the patient look older or more tired. As we go through life, we tend to lose volume in the face and lose that youthful appearance that comes with fullness. A youthful cheek has a rounded curve, but with age and volume loss, the curve flattens, the cheeks start to sag and the face tends to elongate. So now, what can we do to correct this? There are two surgical treatment options: Sculptra and Voluma. They both give a subtle lift and helps restore the cheek contour for up to two years."

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