Band Jamming in the Middle of a Traffic "jam"!

FAYETTEVILLE (MAUMELLE), AR-- When traffic backed up on I-40 in Maumelle, Foley's Van, a band from Fayetteville, made a show out of it. With not much to do, they pulled out their guitars for an impromptu concert.

"We got there and it came to a standstill. We didn't realize how long it was going to be of course, but we figured while we were here we're always looking for a chance to grab our instruments and so we figured we might as well just grab them out of the trailer and pick a few tunes and then people could kind of showin' up. and it went from there," said bandmate Chris Jerry.

The guys picked tunes that got people's attention forming a new type of traffic jam.

"We did four or five songs we got a real good uh response from the crowd. Everybody was really lovin' it," said bandmate Patrick Calloway.

With bystanders taking photos of the band, and their facebook page finding newfound success, it's clear -- many drivers were glad to see them there.

"We hadn't--hadn't even posted it yet until today you know and so. I think there's a lot more posts coming," Calloway said.

With more shows coming up, this isn't the last you'll see of Foley's Van. But the next time you see them, it probably won't be on the side of the road.

For concert dates and more on Foley's Van, click here.

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