Bentonville West Taking Shape with New Approved Plans

CENTERTON, AR-- The Centerton planning commission has approved plans for Bentonville West High School.

Construction on the new school is scheduled to start this summer. When finished, it will alleviate student overcrowding in the district.

Centerton mayor Bill Edwards said, "The project was approved by the planning commission and now we are ready to move forward with the construction."

The city of Centerton and the Bentonville School District came together on Thursday to discuss the design.

Superintendant Mike Poore said the new school is providing some much needed relief. "The mayor and I are at a starting point where we spend time together and think and work together and call each other and make sure that we are on top of everything. We know that by the time we get ready to actually open the doors in 2016 , anticipated growth will be that we will have almost 5,000 high school students in Bentonville."

400,000 Square feet of new turf for the Bentonville Wolverines will soon sit on a 90 acre lot in Centerton.

Poore said the modern schematic design is organized around student success. "Science, math, English, social studies, each of those departments will also have a career tech-type lab."

Edwards said this is an exciting time for his city. "This is huge. This is the biggest project that we have ever taken on.

Until contractors break ground, continued collaboration is key.

Edwards said, "The timeline the district is following will happen in June. That's when we will start breaking ground and a grading permit will be issued and off we go."

Poore said, "The design and the project that is coming together we are very very proud of and very pleased."

The city is conducting a three-month traffic study, committing about 1.4 million dollars to the project. The Bentonville School District is also contributing to help cover road improvements around the school property.

Mayor Bill Edwards anticipates road construction projects to begin once the traffic study is completed.

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