Camp Sunshine Helps Child Burn Victims Find Confidence

LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Camp Sunshine in Little Rock is giving burn victims from Arkansas Children's Hospital the chance to find support while having some fun before hitting the books.

Eddy said, "We all have scars. There's no reason to really make fun of them if you have them."

Carson Eddy is nine-years-old. He was burned in a gas can incident back in December. "They are just going to be with you. I imagine them as battle scars."

These "battle scars" can damage self-esteem. That's where Camp Sunshine comes in.

Director, Gretta Wilkinson, says one-on-one counselors help kids cope with burn injuries, turning scars into marks of strenth. "Once they get to teenage years it doesn't mean that their scars go away, their problems go away. It's okay, you know you can be yourself. You can be strong. You can do what you want to do. You can have goals, and you can reach those goals."

Wilson said, "You're the different kid. Your skin is different, everybody looks at you different. Coming to Camp Sunshine makes you feel like everybody is the same."

Quentavious Wilson was burned at the age of two. He started out as a camper years ago.

Wilson said, "It taught me self esteem. It gave me confidence. It taught me how to believe in myself."

Now a counselor, he and everyone at Camp Sunshine help kids like Carson look beyond their scars.

Wilson said, "If you do have any scars, you should be proud of it because it's you."

Eddy said, "It changes my life by making new friends and seeing people that are just like me that have burns."

Even though camp sunshine is closing for the summer, these kids can continue to connect through a closed group on Facebook. That way they can continue to ask questions and support each other year round.

For more information on Camp Sunshine, click here.

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