Candidate's Character Questioned by Left-Leaning Political Blog

FORT SMITH -- The race for District 76 in the State House of Representatives is heating up after reports surfaced earlier this week, taking aim at Republican candidate Bobby Altes’ character.

The Blue Hog Report, a left-leaning blog, published marriage records, medical records, court records and police reports in an article looking to show Altes’ as contradictory to his claims as a pro-life, pro-family, ultra-conservative. The report suggests Altes had a former wife abort an unborn child, impregnated two women at the same time, abused another former wife and shirked his child support duties.

Altes released a statement denying the claims made by the website:

"I wish when I married that it would be happy ever after but life had other plans. Some of you might even understand through your own experiences. I am not perfect. I’ve had some disappointments in my past, but I’ve grown from them.

"I deny the allegations that I have been accused of. I have never forced anyone to do anything, nor do I have control over their decisions. I have never been charged or convicted of any crime. I have paid every dime of support and have never been held in contempt of court.

"There are two ways to win an election. You can work hard and shake the hand of those you hope to serve and listen to their concerns, or you can make up lies and half truths and throw mud to try to win.

"My opponent underestimated me as a challenger. Now he’s tried to dig up dirt, contacting exes and encouraging them to smear me. Perhaps he should have worked harder and met the constituents.

"I choose to take the high road and not to release negative information about my opponent. It saddens me that this has become a smear campaign and that parties have chosen sides who should have remained neutral.

"My personal life has never interfered with my professional life nor would it in my public life. I remain dedicated to getting Fort Smith back to work, good schools, and local control."

Altes’ opponent in the Republican primary is Mat Pitsch. But without another opponent from a different party running in this election, the May primary vote for these GOP candidates will decide who gets the spot - which is being vacated by Bobby Altes’ father, Rep. Denny Altes.

When asked if he had turned any information on his opponent over to the website, Mat Pitsch responded, "Absolutely not. We did not take any of this to any media outlet. I do feel like there's been some real exposure to some of the situations in his life. Absolutely, unequivocally no. we did not take this to any media outlet.

"Negative campaigns, [we] try not to be involved. It's about issues. That's been our mantra from the get-go- in our debates, etc. We have never ever attacked our opponent in any way, shape or form."

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