Candidates Lay Out Platforms for Campaigns

LITTLE ROCK, AR - At a candidate forum at the Clinton Presidential Library Friday candidates from some of the hottest statewide races took to the podium to present their positions on the issues.
"I would have voted for it, I would have signed it," says Mike Ross, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, regarding the private option health insurance plan approved by the State Legislature. 

When it comes to education, Ross says, "If you're a parent and you want your 4-year-old in a public pre-K program, there should be a desk for them." 

His Republican opponent Asa Hutchinson discussed women's rights.
"I believe in women and the role that they play," Hutchinson said.  

But a comment made Thursday night via Skype from Republican Tom Cotton caused a stir.
"I think Arkansans can get a little better return on their tax dollars when you look at the amount of money we're spending on regional commissions all across the country," Cotton said.
Cotton was speaking about cutting funding to organizations like the very one he was speaking to, prompting a rebuke from the director. 
"You will do absolutely nothing to reduce the deficits, but you will hurt the poorest of the poor," says Lee Powell, organizer of the Delta Grassroots Caucus.
It also put Hutchinson, a fellow Republican in a tough spot, as he was part of the effort to launch the organization as a congressman. It also presented an opportunity for Democratic Senator Mark Pryor to speak out against his opponent.  
"I just think that's an example of how Congressman Cotton has lost touch with Arkansas and he does not represent the state," says Pryor.

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