Changing the Speed Limit in Springdale

SPRINGDALE, AR--The city of Springdale is working to slow down drivers along a dangerous stretch of the Don Tyson parkway.
This comes after the city has seen a handful wrecks over the past year.

Since the Don Tyson interchange opened, the entire parkway has seen 9 wrecks on the stretch between Turner and Thompson streets. To slow people down a bit, the city has lowered the speed limit from 45 to 35 miles per hour and crews put up the new signs just this morning.

It's important to note, the speed limit is not changing on any other portion of the parkway. The city says the straight sections will stay at 45 miles an hour.
Because of those straight stretches on the road, drivers can misjudge the curve between Turner and Thompson.

"When a speed limit is posted, say at 45, it's normal for people to think well you know I can drive 50," said Springdale Public Works Director Sam Goade "Anyone driving through that section and at that speed knows it's not the speed that they should be driving."

The new signs are not the only addition to the parkway. Goade tells us that the Springdale Police Department is also investigating wrecks that have occurred here.

Using that information, Goade says his crews will add other safety devices like radar signs and center barriers to help avoid head on collisions.

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