Clean Up or Pay Up in Springdale

By Marissa Kargas |

Published 04/22 2014 10:19PM

Updated 04/22 2014 10:57PM

SPRINGDALE, AR -- The City of Springdale is asking property owners along Powell Street to spruce up their spaces.

"We would like to help that area of our community and make sure they realize that they matter to us," said Missha Wagoner, Community Engagement Supervisor.

The Razorback Greenway Trail will eventually run the length of Powell so Code Enforcement Officers, Building Inspectors and Springdale Nuisance Abatement Partnership (SNAP) Officers will be paying nearby neighborhoods a visit. Wagoner wants those living along the road to give their land some TLC.

"This is a fresh look with a fresh eye to go and see something that maybe we need to trim up a little bit, a little coat of paint here and there and it just makes the world of difference... We do look for tall grass, we look for little piles of junk and trash... Take ten minutes to walk around and look at it and see if there's anything on the list that you might need to take care of before we get there."

Wagoner said a group of people from Springdale's Community Engagement Division will be canvassing the area of Powell Street the weekend of April 26 to put flyers on each house so they have a heads up. They flyer lists everything that would be considered a code violation. Then, they will go back out to the neighborhoods on May 10 to issue any violation notices. Folks in violation will have 7 days to clean up their property. If that does not happen, officials will be writing citations starting May 17.

"We're not out to cost people a lot of money, but really just keeping things picked up and clean... It's important for their property values as well as the image of the city," said Mayor Doug Sprouse.

He also knows cleaning up trouble spots will only add to the value of Springdale.

"The Razorback Greenway has already had a tremendous impact... Efforts downtown, momentum downtown... It's important that we as a city capatilize on this opportunity."

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