Clerk Says He 'Just Wasn't in the Mood' to be Robbed

FARMINGTON -- "The end result wasn't what he was looking for," said clerk, Paul Fagin, who wasn't letting a robber with a shotgun shake him.

"He dropped a black nylon bag on the counter and told me to put all the money in the drawer in the bag and if not he'd shoot me," Fagin said. Fagin, already having a rough day, had just returned from a friend's funeral.

"I just wasn't in the mood, you know?" he said. "First thing that came to my mind was 'no' so I said 'no.'

The robber, surprised, demanded money again - but instead of grabbing the cash, Fagin grabbed his cell phone and started dialing 911.

"At that point and time he felt he needed to leave the store," Fagin said. We talked to Farmington police about this robbery and they stressed you should never hold out on a robber, saying no money in the cash register drawer is worth someone's life, and despite his actions Fagin actually agrees.

"Some of my friends said I was heroic, and you know I tell them I was stupid," he said. But even if Fagin feels he should have handled things differently - ultimately he wants the man who put him in that situation and put a gun in his face - to pay.

"Somebody out there knows something," he said. "Just ask them to step forward.

Fagin describes the robber as about 6 feet tall, around 180 pounds, driving a dark colored half-ton truck. If you have any information please call Farmington police at (479) 267-3411.

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