College Grads Burdened by student Loan Debt

NEOSHO, MO.--- A national research poll says households headed by people under 40 with student loans have twice the amount of overall debt than those who don't. With every end to a school year, new and returning students start applying for financial aid again. One administrator suggests, don't get greedy, only take out what is really needed. Thalia Jimenez is like most college students, taking out student loans to go to school.

"Enough to be able to pay for my school. Exact amount, it's about four thousand dollars," said Thalia Jimenez, Crowder College Sophomore.

The Crowder College sophomore says paying back the loans is starting to become a burden

"I feel like it's emerged where, you kind of come to that sense where you don't know what to do. Start second-guessing the career," said Jimenez.

"Make sure that you realize you're going to have other payments when you get out of college. That you're not just a full time student anymore," said Cindy Brown, Crowder College Public Information Officer.

According to a Pew research study, households headed by people under 40 who have student loans have almost twice the amount of overall debt then those without student loans.

"I think sometimes in students, they see it as a way to help them get through the semester, but then they don't think of the end result," said Brown.

Crowder College Public Information Officer Cindy Brown says students tend to take out more loans than they need, which makes it harder to pay back, and can affect paying other bills.

"If the job opportunities aren't there, that's maybe a lot of money when you're paying utilities bills, car payments, and rent or house payments. Stuff they have not had in the past," said Brown.

Brown says taking out the minimum amount of loans will help students in the future.

"Sometimes in school, we need to get our priorities straight about 'what do I really need to get through school," said Brown.

The study says households headed by people under 40 with student debt have an average of more than $137,000 in overall debt. That's compared to less than 75,000 for people without student debt. 4 in 10 U.S. homes headed by an adult under 40 have some student debt.

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