Crime on Dickson Causes Fayetteville Police to Amp Up Security Measures

Fayetteville, AR -- - An altercation turned deadly in Northwest Arkansas' entertainment district marks the third shooting on Dickson within the past 6 months. Police are amping up their efforts to ensure the safety of patrons.

On Monday morning, 22-year old Trenton Coney was fatally shot by 25-year old Christopher Rankin in a parking lot just off of Dickson Street and North West Avenue. But this isn't the first time police have seen problems in this area.

In July, a man was found severely beaten behind Arsaga's. Just a few weeks later, former Razorback, Sebastian Tretola and another individual were both shot and injured in a parking lot near the Sterling District apartments.

In November, a man fired shots in the air behind the Smoke & Barrel Tavern. And most recently, Monday morning's fatal shooting in the parking lot outside of Arsaga's.

Police say while there is no clear cut reason why this area is a hot spot for crime, they are actively working to solve the problem.

"Dickson street in general over the past 6 months we did have a little spike. We reached out to the business owners on Dickson street and together we put up lights, surveillance, down there in the area and it seemed to help until this incident occurred." said Sergeant Tony Murphy with the Fayetteville Police Department.

According to the Fayetteville PD, after Monday's fatal shooting, they may look into installing even more lights in the area. 

Police said during the recent shootings, they've had officers seconds away from where it happened but action is always faster than reaction.

Police also said, while the police department has a heavy police presence on Dickson Street, presence doesn't always deter crime.

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