Cyber specialist talks security after Michaels data breach

Michaels Stores, Inc., is the latest retailer to report a security breach.

Last week, the arts and crafts giant announced up to three million credit and debit card numbers were exposed.

The company says hackers used highly sophisticated malware to get into its computer systems.

There were 2.6 million cards exposed at Michaels stores and 400,000 at Aaron Brothers, the company's subsidiary store.

Craig Spohn is the executive director and president of the Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City.

Spohn says you can't help but think damage will be done to the company’s reputation.

"Regardless of who you are, if you're in the business of retail commerce, if you get compromised, people question your ability to secure their financial information," says Spohn.

Spohn says the company now has to do “digital diagnostics” to figure out how the breach happened.

"Who came in, where did they come from, where did they go, what did they take?" says Spohn.

But some customers say the damage is done. They’re now hesitant to continue using their credit and debit cards at major retailers.

"Since the recent issue with Target and now with Michael's, it makes me want to use cash more instead of my credit card," says Carolyn Boyett.

"With all the recent scams and all of that, I just prefer to use cash at a lot of places, especially Michaels and some of the other places," says Mary King.

Michaels Stores, Inc., says "limited" reports of fraud from the affected customers have been received.

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