Details Released from Internal Investigation into Cop Accused of Rape

Jamison Stiles was fired from the Fayetteville Police Department in December after two woman accused him of rape and sexual assault while on duty.

The first woman claims Stiles began to arrest her for public intoxication, but instead took her to her apartment. Later, she says Stiles came back and fondled her.

According to a police report police dispatcher also came forward with allegations against the officer.

Here are some of the notes from the internal investigation:

Oct. 26:

Stiles one of two officers who responded to JR Lightbulb Club to a call of a female passed out at the bar.

Stiles originally arrested her. He eventually advised she was not in custody and was in route to a residence with the female.

Woman says she was black out drunk and woke up naked in bed with an officer standing over her who touched her breast.

In his daily report he did not include the JR's night club call, and it did not list tranpsorting the victim to the apartment.

Nov. 10:

She reported the incident to the Fayetteville Police Department.

Nov. 13

The investigation began.

Nov. 20

The woman was interviewed.

Said the officer was named Donald, but pointed to Stiles. She said he was in her apartment and was wearing a dark wedding ring.

Dec. 3:

Jamison stiles interviews.

He let out a large sigh after reading complaints.

He says she was drunk and felt sorry for her.

Dec. 4 :

Stiles wanted to clear up things.

Said he was not truthful and admitted to kissing the woman

Police take his badge and guns and put him on leave -- and criminal investigation was launched.

Dec. 16:

Stiles is fired.

Be sure and tune in to Fox 24 News Edge at 9 and KNWA News at 10 for more information.

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