Disaster Relief Efforts Continue In Quapaw

QUAPAW, OK.--- Disaster relief organizations and volunteers continue to work to cleanup Quapaw, Oklahoma.

"12 to 18 structures are completely demolished, but you always have peripheral damage as well, and that's what we are seeing a lot of is the peripheral," said Steve Cabler, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Oklahoma.

Steve Cabler with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Oklahoma says Monday they have completed about a third of the tarping and tree removal that homeowners needed.

"About half of our team is tarping roofs north of us right now, that's what they've been doing all day. We've been cutting trees and haling the debry curbside so it can get hauled off," said Cabler.

"I am totally impressed with the rescue efforts that have come out. I mean, we've had people driving by all day long asking, do you need water, do you need food, what can we do to help. I am just amazed at how the community has come together and how many people we have that are just donating their time," said Tricia Medlin, Aunt's Home Destroyed.

A few dozen workers from the American Red Cross have been going to homes to supply food, water and cover any needs for the people whose homes were damaged or destroyed.

"The activity center where the people can go for bulks supplies after today, they can pick up things like rakes and shovels, gloves and tarps that they might need down there," said Matt Secrist, American Red Cross.

The shock of the disaster still resonates with residents.

"We were shocked. The sun was shining, we were in church and the sun was shining," said Fred Von Moss, Resident.

Representatives with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Oklahoma says they will be back tomorrow to continue the work. The American Red Cross plans on staying for as long as they are needed.

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