Discussions, Protests Continue In Ferguson And Online

FERGUSON, Mo. -- "No justice, no peace," protesters again chanted Wednesday.

A grand jury could take months to decide whether or not to charge a Ferguson police officer for killing a teenager, while the protests surrounding the town and the corresponding social media debates that span the country continue.

In the wake of 18-year-old Michael Brown's Aug. 9 death, crowds are calling for an arrest and the recusal of the St. Louis County prosecutor just as court proceedings began.

"I've got that responsibility, I'm not walking away from it," Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said.

Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson on Wednesday. He has promised an independent investigation into the police shooting.

Holder met Brown's parents, members of the community and political leaders, including Republican Sen. Roy Blunt and Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

While the discussions and protests continue in Ferguson, so does the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

"We bring our own preconceived notions and ideas to this without fully investigating it," Drury University Associate Professor of Communications Jonathan Groves, P.h.D. said.

Groves said social media users often post without filter, and that the Internet lends immediate access to Ferguson from anywhere.

"They'll say whatever comes to their mind," Groves said. "You are seeing angry people on both sides, on all sides of this issue, that are coming to the fore -- dealing with race, economics, police authority, government -- all these issues that have been bubbling beneath the surface, especially in St. Louis, now there's this opportunity to talk about it."

On Twitter Wednesday night, Sen. McCaskill echoed earlier promises of a full, fair, independent investigation by the Department of Justice. Sen. Blunt said after meeting with Holder, he still doesn't think the federal government should take over local responsibilities.

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