Documents Reveal Drugs, Sex & Bullying Claims Against City Attorney

ROGERS, AR--According to documents requested and obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, Rogers city attorney Ben Lipscomb is accused of sex for services trade and bullying in the workplace.

Giving another city employee prescription pills isn't the only thing Lipscomb is accused of in the documents we obtained today. There are claims of sex in exchange for services and harassing communications with another attorney.

"Mr. Lipscomb is the elected city attorney. He does not follow under my purview or my management. I don't have the authority to council, to discipline, or ultimately to decide his employment with the city," said Mayor Greg Hines.

A press conference Friday, spawning from our investigation into possible misconduct of Rogers City Attorney Ben Lipscomb. Lipscomb's mentioned in a 2012 police investigation --- providing Xanax pills to a city employee. And according to that employee - it occurred nearly ten times.

But the allegations didn't stop at city hall. In the report, it was rumored that Lipscomb slept with a former city employee in exchange for legal advice. But Mayor Hines wouldn't get into that issue.

"It certainly appears that this conduct predated me taking office by some time period," said Mayor Hines.

And Lipscomb's actions continued to the internet--- an exchange of emails with attorney, William Horton were so aggressive - Horton filed a harassment complaint with Rogers PD.

"The tone of that, those emails, in my opinion felt like my client was going to be potentially punished because of the prosecuting attorney's dislike for me. And that's not fair and that's not justice," said Horton.

Horton says Lipscomb used language that was unprofessional, and the mayor agrees.

"That was purely unprofessional , I think we can all agree to that um but again, that was forwarded to the Benton County Prosecuting Attorney's office and the decision was made not to pursue charges in that case," said Hines.

Another question brought up in our investigation - is Lipscomb qualified to hold the office of city attorney? We found Lipscomb claimed the homestead property tax on a piece of property outside Rogers city limits.
The city attorney is required to be a resident of Rogers to hold office. When we asked mayor Hines about it - he revealed the issue was brought up before. But he didn't take it any further than the man in question.

"I addressed that with Mr. Lipscomb, the concern that was brought to me. At the time Mr. Lipscomb, the city attorney, opined that in his legal professional opinion. He met the requirements of residency," said Hines.

KNWA reached out Rogers City Attorney Ben Lipscomb for comment on this story, but have not heard back from him.

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