Ebola Outbreak: 4 Things You Need To Know

FOX 24-- In national news, the deadly Ebola virus is taking more lives. This disease may be unfamiliar to some, so here are things you need to know about Ebola.

1) How does someone catch the Ebola virus?
Usually, it is acquired when a human comes in contact with an infected animal.
Once a human catches it, it can be spread from person to person.

2) Symptoms usually start two to three weeks after coming in contact with the virus.
These symptoms include a high fever, throat and muscle pains, nausea, and decreased functions of the liver and kidneys.

3) Although there are no specific drugs to treat the disease, but there are a couple of ways for infected people to ease their symptoms. A simple saline solution can rehydrate the body after vomiting and diarrhea deprive the body of fluids. Also, fever reducers can help with spiking temperatures.

4)While the virus is able to live on it's own outside an infected person for some time, experts say soaps, detergents, heat and disinfection can kill it.
And lastly, U.S. health officials in west Africa are scrambling to prevent the virus from reaching the states.
The C.D.C sent guidance to American air carriers on how to identify and deal with American passengers displaying symptoms -- and how to disinfect aircraft after an infected passenger leaves the plane.

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