Escaped Inmate Found hiding in NWA Man's Backyard

ROGERS, AR--Marcus Alexander found a work release inmate hiding in his backyard.

"Well uh I looked out my window and about 8 uh police officers are walking in my front yard," said Marcus Alexander, Homeowner.

Arkansas work release inmate Clayton Shatswell led law enforcement on a 24 hour chase.

"During the search it was just a little curious to look to see where they're going and what they're doing," Alexander said. "They went around, checked the woods here."

This neighbor saw police lights that night and felt a little suspicious, so he started looking for himself.

"So I just took a few steps, peeked under and saw him curled up under my um wheelbarrow. It was yeah a little surreal. And I calmly walked back in. Locked the door," said Alexander.

Shatswell was in prison for forgery and police say he wasn't a threat to the public. That's why Shatswell, along with other low-risk inmates, are  put on work release in the first place.

"Being able to participate in this program is an incentive for them to behave well, because if they behave as this inmate just did, they lose those privileges and they are sent back to a tighter security facility," said Shea Wilson, Arkansas Department of Correction.

The Arkansas Department of Correction says  it uses situations like these as an example for other inmates who think about doing the same thing. Meanwhile, Clayton Shatswell is back in custody, thanks to one alert homeowner. And this time, he could face an additional 3 to 10 years for his weekend escape attempt.

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