EXCLUSIVE: Family Member Speaks on Witnessing Shooting

A mother and daughter are dead, and third family member is in the hospital after a shooting in Greenland Thursday night.

According to investigators, Mandrake Patterson was the gunman and is facing charges of Capital Murder and Attempted Capital Murder.

Police reported there was a fifth family member in the apartment at the time of the shooting who escaped unharmed.

"I thought to myself if I'd had a gun at the time I would've dumped it on him, for what he'd done."

Garry Lampoe saw the tragedy unfold, when we witnessed the shooting of his sister and niece.

"I was sitting in the front room when this come down, and I heard a shot."

He watched his sister Betty go to the door where the shot was heard. Mandrake Patterson was on the other side with a gun, and Garry said he saw Patterson shoot Betty in the head.

"When he opened the door she seen her daughter laying on the floor and about that time he takes the gun, turns it around, and pow pow pow... I can't help but picture her every time I turn around, falling backwards... It's hard, hard for me to talk about it."

His other sister Denise was running to a bedroom when he saw her shot in the back.

"It's tearing me up... I want him bad for what he's done to my family. I just thank God Denise made it ."

Garry believes Patterson had been drinking and was high on marijuana and crack during the shooting.

"Him and his wife had been arguing and fighting and slamming doors... If I hadn't got out when I did I probably would have got killed."

Garry is now left with violent memories and as police put Patterson in cuffs, he spoke these final words to the accused killer.

"I looked down at him and I pointed my finger at him and I said, 'Buddy you're gonna burn for this, I'll make sure of this. That was my sister and them that you killed and my niece... You will never see daylight out of prison."

Garry said he plans to lock up the apartment and move in with another family member so he does not have to live at the scene of the shooting. We also spoke with another sibling of the victims and she said Holly and Mandrake both served in the Army together and had only been married for a few years.

According to authorities, the shooting happened at the Elmwood Apartments. When officers arrived, Betty Desalvo was dead. Hope Patterson, Mandrake's wife, was found shot and later died from her injuries. Denise Fulfer was also shot and is currently in critical but stable condition. Denise and Betty are sisters, Hope is Betty's daughter.

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