Fayetteville Clinics Offering Free Physicals for Kids

FAYETTEVILLE, AR--For many families it's been a long weekend of tax-free shopping...and after picking up school supplies, parents may want to pay a visit to the doctor.

The MANA Medi-Serve Clinics of Fayetteville are offering free back-to-school physicals for kids.

"You know for the health of all the kids in school because after summer when they all come back together and they're sharing things and in a really close environment it's great to make sure they're all up to date on their physicals and their immunizations so that we can have a healthy classrooms and healthy kids," said mother Amanda Coussoule.

She's taking action and taking part in this year's free back-to-school-physicals clinic.

"They do play  you know sports outside of school and then there's new requirements for immunizations this year so we needed to have their shot records checked and make sure we were up to date," said Coussoule.

It's the first year for the clinic to offer free physicals and giving it a go was a no brainer for this mom. Doctors tell us other familes felt the same way.

"When I got here this morning at 7 o'clock there were three waiting on me," said Doctor George McCrary, M.D.

He's worked in school athletics for 40 years. In the past, the physicals were performed on campus.

"In this area that's not done as much as it is in other areas of the state. So they come in here and we do 'em and usually have a small charge but our organization decided to do it as a free, free uh gift to the community," McCrary said.

For some of the patients using this service, it's not about saving cost, but it's also about convienience.

"For us it was really about convienence and the Sunday hours. That was really helpful becuase we just aren't able to fit everything in during the week with work and all of the activitites."

Now, this family has a clean bill of health, without the bill to pay.

The clinic offers free physicals every Sunday this month. For hours and locations, CLICK HERE.

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