Fayetteville Flyover Finally Finished

FAYETTEVILLE --  Many local drivers have been waiting for this day to come. The multi-million dollar Fayetteville flyover project is complete. Local businesses are already excited about the future.

The Fayetteville 71-B flyover opened Wednesday and will better link current and future customers to businesses in the uptown area of Fayetteville.

"It's been a little difficult, we do actually have it printed out at the front computer that we can direct our clients in the right way to go," said Danielle Pink of Massage Envy Spa.

In the past, Massage Envy Spa and businesses in the area lost customers, which ultimately effected their bottom dollar.

"We have had a lot of clients that book appointments and it's very difficult for them to get here," said Pink.

Matthew Bradshaw of Grubs Uptown has a similar situation. He thinks customers will be able to navigate the area with ease.

"They probably want to go somewhere that's convenient and easy to get to and with the flyover it should make it a lot less congested, more people come by and hopefully more people stop in and eat," said Bradshaw. "A lot more business, um, a lot more um accessibility of getting to the clinic of our members and our new base clients getting to the clinic."

Increasing foot traffic wasn't an easy feat. The $6,000,000 project started earlier last year and means a lot to businesses in the uptown area of Fayetteville.

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