Fayetteville Flyover No Longer Ahead of Schedule

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- The completion date for the Fayetteville flyover is quickly approaching, but after 18 months of construction it seems like progress is slowing down.

Contractors were ahead of schedule on the flyover before winter weather rolled in. But now, workers are still waiting on the right temperatures to get going.

Fayetteville engineer, Chris Brown said, "Right now it looks like there hasn't been a lot of progress. It's unfortunate that the winter time hit when it did because if we had just a couple of more months, we could have gotten the concrete deck poured. We could have been a lot further ahead."

When finished, the 6.2 million-dollar project will trade traffic congestion for convenience.

Brown said, "Right now in order to get on the Fulbright Expressway from College Avenue, lots of people have to make a U-turn at Joyce Boulevard. About 25% of people making left turns there, make those U-turns. It will also provide additional access to one of our major shopping centers and the Kohl's and Target area."

Brown said the concrete is ready, but waiting to be poured. "What we don't want to do is push it too quickly. We didn't want to pour the concrete when it was too cold and then have a problem with the concrete. We're looking at hopefully the first part of May to pour that deck."

Temperatures need to stay above 50 degrees around the clock for crews to pour the concrete, but for now Brown said contractors are still on schedule.

Brown said, "A big part of what they have been doing over the last couple of months is placing reinforcing steel, and that's the green steel that you can see. It sort of looks green."

Once workers pour pavement, folks can expect to see hard hats day and night.

Brown said, "They will do the striping, guard rails, turn on the signal, and finish all of those things. Several things will be happening all at once."

Brown said the Fayetteville flyover will be around for the next 75 to 100 years, so if contractors need more time to make sure things are done right, then that's what they will do. For now, he said the bridge should be ready to open by July first.

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