Fayetteville Launches New Online Tool

Fayetteville is making it a little easier for you to find information about life on the hill.

The city released a new "My Fayetteville Services" website. The one-stop source gives Northwest Arkansas residents a simple way to find info - from city boundaries to city council representatives. 

The website includes the following information:

Utility information
- Trash and recycling pick-up day
- Names, phone numbers and websites of the city's water and sewer division, Ozarks Electric, SWEPCO, SourceGas, AT&T, and Cox Communications
Wards, zoning districts and flood plains
- Ward numbers
- Names and links to contact information for each of the two City Council members in that ward
- Links to information about precincts and polling places
- Names and abbreviations for city zoning districts, with links to more information about that zone
Civic buildings
- Names, addresses and turn-by-turn directions to nearby civic buildings, such as post offices, the City Administration Building and the Fayetteville Public Library
Public safety and hospitals
- Names, addresses, and directions to nearby police and fire stations, and an emergency-equipped hospital
Parks and trails
- Names and directions to the nearest park
- Step-by-step directions to nearby trailheads
Neighborhood associations and flood plains
- If applicable, information on how to connect with a neighborhood association or whether a property lies in a floodplain

Check out the website here.

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