Gravette School District Discussing New Funding

GRAVETTE, AR -- Voters in the Gravette School District will soon decide whether they want to help fund a new school in September.

The Gravette School Board voted 4 to 3 approving the proposed mileage increase of 3.6 miles to go to voters.

When speaking with many members of the School Board on Wednesday on the phone about why they are hoping to expand the school district, they declined to speak on the topic. The group who met here tonight, who are opposing the idea say Gravette School District is getting ahead of itself, and more space is unnecessary.

"Right now we have to efficiently run our elementary schools, and if we were to build this new elementary school in Bella Vista we would not run efficiently because there is not the growth. That is needed to fill that school over there," said Gravette mother, Hope Duke.

"If something does come up and there does need to be a tax increase, are the taxpayers going to be willing to say yes to something that's needed," said Gravette mother, Amanda Teis.

Ultimately, it will be up to voters to decide if a new elementary school is built in Bella Vista, and six new classrooms added to the existing high school here in Gravette. Early voting starts September 7, with election day being on September 16.

They released this statement:

"No one wants to pay more taxes, but we cannot ignore the fact that additional facilities are needed now, and likely will be needed even more in the near future. If we wait, the bankers tell us that interest rates will likely go up; construction costs will likely increase also. If we wait, solving the problem will be even more expensive."

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