Happy Birthday, Arkansas!

Arkansas turned 178 on Sunday.  June 15th was the anniversary of Arkansas becoming a state in 1836, making it the 25th state to join the US.

Republican Benjamin Desha was the first to officially suggest that the territory become a state when he published the topic in the "Arkansas Advocate" newspaper.  The local Democrats did not support the change due to fear that the cost of maintaining the state government would force taxes to be too high on the rural citizens. 

Ambrose Sevier expressed concern about the high tax rate, but due to various economic policies, he conceeded and supported Arkansas becoming a state.

Congressional Whigs originally rejected Arkansas' proposal for statehood, but Arkansans began to write a constitution regardless of the denial.

The House of Representatives argued about whether or not slaves would effect the representation policies placed on the state's government, but eventually the men compromised.  After a 25 hour debate, President Andrew Jackson finally signed for Arkansas to become a state on June 15th, 1836.

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