Hidden Cash Contest Hits the Ozarks

SPRINGFIELD, MO -- The race is on for hidden cash in the Ozarks, with money popping up in Springfield and Branson, thanks to a new mystery giver.

"Its a great way to kind of get people out and motivate them to find local spots," said Chase Snider, the first hidden cash winner. Snider cashed in on a $25 bonus from an anonymous Twitter handle. "A lot of people at work were giving me jokes about it at work, they said obviously you found it, we expect you to find it and I said well I'm just going to add that to my resume, qualified hidden cash finder."

Whoever is behind the Twitter account @hiddencash417 is using the power of social media to pay it forward.

"They've asked that you tweet a photo when you get it and then on all of the envelopes they are including the hashtag 'pay it forward,'" Snider said.

April Strub is out looking for the hidden dough. "Yeah, its definitely challenging but it is a good way to get outside and be active and just looking for money," she said. "It was just yesterday and all of a sudden its just blown up and now you have all of these people out here looking," said searcher Justin Rodgers.

Within hours of the first winner, the number of followers exploded and the craze was on!

"It developed really quickly, I mean just through social media and Twitter, you have people out here looking around," Rodgers said.

The money could either be behind a tree, in the bushes, under a bench or even under a rock. Justin Rodgers came up short, along with many others. "You look across the park and see people looking under benches," he said.

Austin and Kelsey Fairbairn were at the right place at the right time, and became the contest's second winners. "We went to the very back of the park and as we were coming back, the backside of the sign was facing us and we just happened to see it."

Even if the fingers behind the tweet are anonymous, whoever it may be is making an impact bigger than just $25.

"We are getting ready to move to Chicago so it could help with moving expenses up there," the Fairbairns said.

After the second winner, the anonymous tweeter said as the followers grow, the pot of money will get bigger, but also more difficult to find. Hiddencash76 is a Twitter account out of the Branson area, and the tweeter says the next money drop should be Thursday or Friday.

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