ICYMI: Keeping Local Sex Offenders in Check

NORTHWEST AR-- Since the most recent sex offender arrest involving a missing 15 year old girl, many continue to ask what's being done to keep sex-offenders on the right side of the law once they're released from jail. In some ways, certain restrictions and regulations are just beginning for local offenders.
"They know the consequences for failing to comply with their conditions. And they don't want to deal with the consequences," parole officer Ashley Harvey tells us. "It's important to make sure that they are being truthful with us and that we know where they are." Any previously jailed sex offender in Washington or Madison county can expect parole officers like Harvey to stop by, any time and unannounced. She has authorized access to any room in their home. And if any of them try to cross a county line, they owe Harvey a phone call first."I hope to accomplish two things," says Harvey. "One, that there's no more victims. And two, that they do become successful citizens." Offenders are also required to abide by strict rules including, no guns, no drugs, and no alcohol. You can see more on how officers keep local sex offenders in check on our website. To see part one of our two-part special report, click here. For part two, click here.

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