Idol Edge: Girl Power in the Top Five

Going into Wednesday night's performances the contestants each had a different mindset.

"I've been doing the 'hey!' like 'woot woot' upbeat songs, and I didn't want America to get too comfortable with that because I can do more than that," says Candice Glover.

"You're never gonna have a 100 % flawless performance," says Janelle Arthur.  "Especially after you hear Nikki Minaj talking in your earbud, comparing you to somebody else -- someone who I think is phenomenal. And then you're just like-you know? And you just have to be happy to be there."

But after weeks of listening to the judges comments, how difficult is it to turn their advice into action?

"I take every word to heart whether it's positive or it's negative," says Kree Harrison.  "We respect four of them. That's why they're there-to critique us. You know, I'm just happy that they've rooted for me for as long as they have."

Click on the video to see more of the Idol Edge.

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