Idol Edge: Top 5 Revealed on American Idol

The only male contestant left on American Idol sang for the last time on the Idol stage Thursday night.

America decided to sent Lazaro Arbos home.

Lazaro's swan song wasn't enough to convince the judges to use their one save this season.

And Amber Holcomb ended up in the bottom two with Lazaro this week, which shocked the judges.

"Well you know in the last commercial break Lazaro said to me that he knew that that first song that he did was not good so I think he was a little worried coming into the last couple of minutes of the show and I thought maybe they would use the save but I think because it was such a rough performance they didn't justify using it," said host Ryan Seacrest after the show.

"I think tonight's results were right. I mean I'm always shocked when Amber ends up in the bottom like that. But I'm really glad she gets to sing another week. I think I'm always interested to see what she's going to do next," judge Keith Urban said.

"My favorite part was to meet so many, I've met so many people that I loved and that I'll keep in contact for the rest of my life. You know, wonderful, so many good people," Lazaro said.

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