Immigration Protests Around Natural State

AROUND ARKANSAS-- The immigration crisis on the border has spurred debate around the country, and around the natural state, including right here in Northwest Arkansas.

On Saturday, Northwest Arkansans gathered in Fayetteville at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Shiloh Drive to make their voices heard.

On one side was the Arkansas United Community Coalition in favor of immigration, the other was the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, protesting against illegal immigration.

But it doesn't stop there. The controversy continues in the center of our state.

Dozens of Arkansans flooding the Mexican consulate, and now the state capitol in a second round of anti-immigration protests. Earlier this morning dozens of bikers rolled into the Mexican consulate then traveled to the steps of the capitol. All of those protesters with the same goal in mind. They Urged government officials to work at protecting U.S. borders.

You could hear them coming from miles away as protesters pulled into the Mexican consulate and traveled to the capitol.

Daniel Shawely, Protester, said "We just think its time for Americans to get out here and stand up for our country's freedoms."

Dozens like daniel shawely joined organizer Colin Wetherelt in protest of illegal immigration.

Colin Wetherelt, protest organizer said "People across Arkansas have the same concerns. We are here just voicing that concern."

Friday many rallies were held focusing on immigration reform nationally. This is what the consulate had to say.

Deputy Edgardo Briones with the Mexican Consulate said, "It's an international phenomenon. It's not only Mexico and the United States, this is happening all around the world. Obviously we are here and that's what the rally is all about, but the Mexican government is just urging us to defend the rights of any Mexican national regardless of their immigration status."

Saturday the large group asked for local and state officials to show up to hear there concerns. But no government officials showed leaving protesters with unadvised issues.

Daniel Shawely, Protester said "My wife and I, we have four children and all these illegals coming in. You know if they want to come in and do it the right way that completely fine. But all of these illegals that are coming in taking miles and tax dollars to support their own families and we are just totally against that."

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