Jo Jackson Arrested Again for DWI Friday

A local woman who already served time for hitting and killing a construction worker on Joyce Blvd. back in 2011, and was arrested back in June for DWI, is once again behind bars.

53-year-old Jo Jackson was arrested for DWI, Reckless Driving and Driving on a Suspended license in Fayetteville Friday night.

An eye witness who called 911 tells us she saw Jackson in a car at the Walmart Pharmacy lane on Mall Avenue. She tells us Jackson was hitting several things around her with her car.

Jackson left the pharmacy and was pulled over by police.

She's in the Washington county jail on a 2,000 dollar dollar bond.

Jackson was last arrested earlier this summer for DWI. To read more this story, click here.


“We just treated it like we would any other uh D-W-I stop” said Fayetteville Police Sergeant Craig Stout.

Friday afternoon they received the call of a driver running into poles at a Walmart parking lot. Officers found Jo Jackson behind the wheel intoxicated, again.

“They got some video footage from Walmart which showed her in the parking lot where she may have been consuming alcohol,” Stout said.

With yet another run in with police, many are wondering how Jackson is out of jail after doing time for negligent homicide.

“Contrary to what some people wish we could do or can't do, there are laws and there are procedures in place. Sometimes they you know may not make sense uh but they're there for a reason,” said Stout.

Back in June, Jackson made her bail, nearly $1800.

According to a police report, this time around it was set for a maximum of $2000. She bonded out both times, but she's running out of chances with the law.

“In your fourth DWI conviction within a certain time frame, you can be looking at time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections,” said Stout.

Stout said officers want to remind drivers about the hazards of driving drunk.

"That's something that we need to think about. You know if this, nothing else, brings attention to the problem of DWI’s,” said Stout.


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