Johnson Residents Ready for Flood Season

JOHNSON, AR-- With spring rains just around the corner, homeowners in Johnson are anxiously awaiting the forecast and hoping that this year, they don't get flooded out.

Washington County Emergency Management deputy director, Rick Johnson said, "It can happen almost anywhere, areas you don't think of."

Rain boots are still sitting in an empty Johnson parking lot on Hewitt Street in Johnson. A nursing home is boarded up after waist-deep water filled every room just months ago.

Johnson said it only takes seconds, "If it rains extremely fast, extremely hard, then we have what is called flash flooding. The water rises quickly. These streets, these low areas that are prone to flood will flood and it may come up on you rather fast."

Billy Taylor lives a block down from the now-empty facility. His home is in a similar situation.

Taylor said, "Water covered the carpet. They had to replace the carpet in here. It has been bad for the other units here too."

Compared to others living in the low-lying area, Billy considers himself lucky. A broken fence and an empty home still sit across the street.

Taylor said, "So much water damage that the lady that owned the unit, she didn't even fix it up it was too much of a hassle. She was in the process of fixing it up from the flood before. There was so much water damage over there she just went ahead and sold it."

However, that's not stopping Billy from looking on the bright side. He said, "The landlord lady talked to the mayor and he said that the flooding should be under control now since the construction they are doing in the area. I don't know if it is going to do it or not."

If flood waters do rush in, he is hoping the water runs in a different direction.

Taylor said, "With the construction, they have changed the route of that creek. They re-routed so I don't think it will be that bad."

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