Justice Association Grant Helping NWA Police

SPRINGDALE, AR--Law enforcement agencies across Northwest Arkansas are receiving funds to help better protect and serve their cities.

"A police department's a large budget for any city. Uh It's expensive to operate, there's a lot of equipment a lot of technology and things out there we need and there's only so much money to go around," said Springdale Lt. Derek Hudson.

Expensive, but now the Springdale Police Department will be able to buy equipment it needs.

"It's important for us when we get additional money like this to make sure that we're responsible with it, that we're able to spread it around and do a lot of different things with it we need," said Hudson.

Some of the new gear includes guns for swat team members and a hostage negotiation phone---there's also an electric ATV similar to this one that will serve dual purposes.

"What's important about some of these smaller mobility type vehicles, we have bike patrol which is very very important too that we can use in these situations, but you might have large events, like you know you got Bikes and Blues that's coming up here at Arvest Ballpark," Hudson said.

They're also purchasing a radar monitor---to keep track of drivers after complaints of speeding in private neighborhoods.

"We can say hey, how many did we have going above or below you know ten miles an hour of the speed limit or beyond that, and look at. If it's a situation where we got a lot of speeders, then hey that is something we need to get some officers out there and maybe pull some people over and write some tickets if necessary, so that's a useful piece of equipment," Hudson said.

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse says the federal funds will help the police department keep up with the growth of the city.

"This is a great opportunity for us to upgrade some things. You know we're a fast growing city uh we are, really make every effort to give those folks we pay to protect us in service uh the tools they need to do a good a job as they can possibly do," said Mayor Sprouse.

"For us, it's, it's a situation where some of this stuff is stuff that we need, maybe long overdue uh that we can make some purchases on, so it's not as excitement so much, than we know we're going to be able to do our job better," Hudson said.

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