Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life Aims to Prevent Heat Stroke

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS-- WhyteSpyder Integrated Marketing Agency has partnered with Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life to raise awareness for one very important issue.

Rhonda Fincher, founder of Kendrick Fincher Hydration Foundation said, "My son, Kendrick, was going into eighth grade and he wanted to try football. He went to his first day of football practice, he did not get enough to drink, it was a very hot day in August and he experienced heat stroke.

It was something Rhonda Fincher never gave much thought, until it changed her life.

“He spent the next 18 days in Little Rock Children's Hospital and he died from multi-system organ failure."

So she created "Kendrick Fincher Hydration for life." The non-profit aims to educate parents, teachers, and students about the dangers of dehydration.

Fincher said, "Our primary focus is kindergarten through 12th grade and we begin education in the elementary school with a little fun program we call the "Bee Hydrated" education kit."

Eric Howerton, CEO of WhyteSpyder said, "Rhonda's story with her son is very touching and what she has been able to do since that's happened."

Rhonda's story is something Howerton is familiar with. A hot summer day on the field left him in the hospital years ago.

Howerton said, "I just got overheated and I ran out of water. It affected me, you know I actually had to go to the ER, get fluids replaced."

So he's working with Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life, helping to build up the brand in the hopes of making a difference.

Howerton said, "It's all for a great cause, and you know the awareness that they are putting out, the education materials, it is so important for kids."

Fincher said, "Heat stroke is 100 percent preventable and that's why education is the key."

Visit Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life here.

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