Kris Allen Says It's Time for a Girl to Win American Idol

On looking back at American Idol season 8:

"Seriously I have no idea how I won the show.   I have looked back at things and thought 'that was pretty cool,' but I look back at some things and think 'man, why did they vote me through that night?'  So I definately feel like I've gotten better

On the lack of guy finalists this year on American Idol:

"That's good.  They need it.  It's time for a girl to win.  I havn't seen much of it this year, but it's time.  I think people are tired of seeing me, David Cook, Phillip Phillips.  I mean I guess they're not really because they keep voting for them, but I just think for the brand of American Idol it's time for a girl to win."

On having so many devoted fans:

"It's the best feeling in the world.  People ask me what the best feeling ever is, and it's when you go play a show and people are singing your songs.  It's a song you wrote, I song you performed, and they are singing right there with you.  It's also really cool to have fans who have supported me through a lot of stuff.  Things have been a roller coaster and fans have stuck with me which is really cool."

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