Lincoln Mother Arrested for Permitting Child Abuse

LINCOLN -- A mother was arrested Tuesday by Lincoln police, for permitting child abuse. According to the police report, 18-year-old Savanah Jensen failed to take her 13-month-old son to a doctor after officers believe her boyfriend abused the child.
In the report, police said Jensen told them she was at work on Tuesday, March 25th, when she got a phone call that she needed to get home because something had happened to her son. She claimed her live-in boyfriend Luis Calvillo-Cardenas, told her the child fell halfway out of the bedroom window, causing bruises to his face, and that a puppy had caused the scratches. Officers were suspicious of the story, and said the injuries to the boy's face and arms resembled hand and finger shapes. The report says the child was taken to the hospital, where doctors said the injuries were consistent with abuse.
Investigators also say they talked to another person, who was in the home at the time of the incident. Police said that person reported hearing Calvillo-Cardenas yelling and throwing things in the bedroom, while the child was screaming.
Officers said Jensen claimed she didn't seek medical treatment for her son because she didn't have a phone or transportation. However, according to the police report, a witness offered to take Jensen and her son to the hospital, but Jensen refused. The child is now in DHS custody. Jensen faces a charge of permitting abuse of a minor. Police are still searching for Calvillo-Cardenas.

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