Local Businesses Gearing Up for Gameday

FAYETTEVILLE, AR--The Razorbacks kicked off their season today, in Alabama of course. But back here, local restaurants prepped for a fresh batch of fans.

"We put almost all of our employees on during the day for the game. We uh stock up on beer. We stock up on food. We do all sorts of preparation in the morning," said Grubs Manager, Billy Faulk "We've been preparing all summer ever since last year. You know, cause summer time's pretty slow but once this day hits, you know it's kicked off."

"We got new silverware, like hundreds of new silverware, been rolling it, like make sure we don't run out during the game and stuff," said hostess, Chandler Rogers.

The hogs aren't home until next week but this weekend, restaurants still expect a large crowd.

"I mean it's definitely not going to be a home game atmosphere, you know. There won't be people standing everywhere but we expect to have a full house upstairs and down," said Faulk.

And one thing that will bring them in, the view.

"Got a spot right here in front of the big screen," said Razorback fan Madison Middleton.

And even when the hogs are away... He says he likes the way the razorbacks do game day.

"They just put in all brand new TVs, so you gotta love being able to turn anywhere you can in the restaurant, and be able to see your game," Middleton said.

And since the new SEC Network launched 2 weeks ago....Sassy's owner Allen Brumett says it'll even help well after the football season ends.

"It's definitely nice knowing that the SEC network's going to be there and hopefully uh, we won't have to stream as many games uh this year. That's not always a perfect science through Wi-Fi," Brumett said.

Though the Razorbacks are starting out the season on the road, fans back home are still faithful for the season ahead.

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