Local Mom Homeschools Five Kids: A Day in the Life

The Carter house is just like many American homes on any weekday morning. With five kids: Emory, Avery, Colby, Kylie and Crosby, fixing breakfast is a family affair. While last week many kids walked to school - or caught the bus - every weekday morning the Carter kids walk down the hall, where after breakfast, their kitchen turns into a classroom.

"The truth is your kids are getting an education," Becky Carter said. "It just looks different than if your kids were to go to school." Each child learns from a curriculum based on their age, with mom overseeing it all. "It's OK to admit that I don't know everything, my word," Carter said. "There are always resources out there."

Carter leans on other homeschooling parents - and online help. Staying on schedule, the kids can get through their work in a few hours a day. "You don't have to expect to do school six or seven hours a day," she said. "I tell the kids 'if you get done you have the freedom to go play.'" For socialization they have each other, and in the afternoons take lessons on tennis and ballet with other kids.

Sometimes learning in the living room is easier for some kids. "It's quieter here," Avery Carter said. "I don't get homesick, when I am off somewhere without my mom I get a little homesick."  Carter says most parents have the same reaction when they learn she teaches her five kids at home: (they say) "I could never do that," she said. "Of course, I said that." And next, they always ask the question - why? "If I homeschooled I could do things my way and how it fit my family," Carter said. "I like having them here, I love watching them learn and watching the light go on for them."

Her best advice for any parents wanting to homeschool? "I always tell the to start small, small expectations," she said. "That way you don't overdue it and feel like you are failing."

With those failures and victories like any other family, the Carters take learning one day at a time - just a little bit closer to home.

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