MADD Works to Require Ignition Interlocks After First DWI Offense

"It's okay to be angry, I'm angry too, but we've got to make action with that anger," Tammy Hahn, lead volunteer for the Northwest Arkansas MADD Chapter said.

It's action, Hahn and other members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving are working on with "Alisa's Law."

"We just have to make this law stand out above all the others and make it a priority," Hahn said.

The law would require an Ignition Interlock device to be installed in a person's car after a first DWI offense.

It's like a breathalyser.

You have to blow in it in order to start your car.

If you're above the legal limit, or in some cases have any alcohol in your system, your car won't start.

Currently, it's just an option for DWI offenders.

"We need to change that law to make it a requirement that you have to have that interlock device on your very first DWI or DUI charge," she said.

The device costs up to 200 dollars to be installed and up to 100 dollars a month as a rental fee.

"We have to make our representatives and our lawmakers understand that it is a small price to pay," Hahn said. "The value of one of my family members, is pretty high in my mind."

Requiring this device on a first offense Hahn says could help prevent repeat offenders.

According to MADD, as many as 75 percent of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license, and states requiring the interlock device, such as Louisiana, have cut their DUI deaths by more than 30 percent.

"It really is working in other states, and so I know that it would work here too," Hahn said.

As a victim survivor of a drunk driving accident herself, Hahn believes this device could help keep others from the suffering she went through.

"If I had a wish it would be that no one would ever have to go through the pain and misery of being injured or killed by a drunk driver ever."

Hahn recommends a good first step in getting your voice heard, write your local prosecutor and lawmakers as a concerned citizen, asking what they're going to do to make sure our roads are safe from drunk drivers.

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