More than Fun. It's A Tontitown Grape Festival Tradition

TONTITOWN, AR--The Tontitown Grape Festival may be fun in games for most, but for many it's a family tradition.

"They were some of the original ones that came in from italy. And we just. It's just tradition," said head cook Debbie Tessaro.

She has worked at 50 festivals since she was 8 years old.

"Wrapping silverware or waiting tables and you move up in the--as you get older you move up," Tessaro said.

Now she's head cook at the 116th spaghetti supper.

"Knowing that most of our kids come home for this. Wherever they are they'll come home and work the grape festival or they, they're just proud to be a part if it," said Tessaro.

Tessaro hopes to pass along her skills to her kids. She says years of practice have perfected these spaghetti suppers.

"I think to carry on, for something to carry on 116 years is important. We've done this so long that it just works like a well oiled machine."

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