Nation's Third Hope Supply Program Opens in Bentonville

BENTONVILLE, AR-- The newest Hope Supply Program and third in the nation, opened it's doors in Bentonville on Friday.

Elizabeth Cluff with the Breast Cancer Society, was diagnosed with stage 3-B breast cancer. Now, a breast cancer survivor, she knows what it's like to fight for your life. "I wanted to volunteer and give back to some of those women that were going through what I knew they were about to as far as their journey."

With the Hope Supply Program expanding to Bentonville, Liana Lopez said they're are hoping to make an even bigger impact. "We have different private rooms...the wig and prosthetic room, the beauty room, we actually have a kids room where they can come and get supplies for their children."

For women embarking on the breast cancer journey, simple items like vitamins, or expensive items like prosthetics can make all the difference.

Liana said, "We try and ease that burden a bit and provide those essential items that just make things a little easier for them."

Patients and their families can make monthly appointments and everything in the office is free of charge, thanks to donations from local and national retailers.

Liana said the emotional support system is most important. "They come in, we run very heavily on a volunteer basis so nine out of ten times it's a breast cancer survivor that is actually walking them through."

Elizabeth says sometimes survival is all about sharing stories. "After you go through the mastectomy and your breasts are removed it's a feeling of wondering how you can be put back together. I really want them to understand that there is light, there is hope."

To find out how to donate to the Hope Supply Program in Bentonville directly, contact Tara Emerson at (479) 268-6300.

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