New Airport Entry Road Will Minimize Safety Concern

SPRINGDALE, AR-- Springdale Municipal Airport is making some changes and moving it's entry way out of the way of school traffic.

Airport Manager, James Smith said, "It's going to be behind the Powell Street hanger."

Crews started digging on Tuesday, carving a new access road to the Springdale Municipal Airport.

Smith said, "It's a big project. It's probably going to be close to one million dollar project for just the road for the airport." 

Smith believes it's federal and state grant money well spent. "This is actually the third largest for home-based airplanes in Arkansas, so our traffic has really increased over the past few years."

Assistant principal, Christy Norwood said, "We always, you know, keep an eye on people that are around our property."

Jones Elementary School currently shares Airport Avenue.

Norwood said, "We don't want anybody on our property that's not supposed to be on our property."

Norwood says travelers get caught in the line of parents waiting for their kids. Once the new access road is complete the school won't have to share. It's something everyone is looking forward to.

Norwood said, "Right now they are having to wait on our line, or the cars are having to wait to go around our line to get into the airport."

Smith said, "We will have our own entrance and plus for the fact it will alleviate traffic on school days when we have to wait for parents dropping their children off and picking them up."

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