New Attractions Coming to Silver Dollar City

BRANSON, Mo. -- Two new attractions are coming to Silver Dollar City in 2015.

The one that will be replacing Geyser Gulch is an $8 million addition called Fireman's Landing, The other has a history older than the park itself.

Silver Dollar City officials says the new mini-park will act as a tribute to the area's fire fighting heritage. Stemming off of the story of a town burning down on roller coaster, Fire in the Hole, the theme of the new addition starts the next chapter.

"The story line goes that the citizens of Silver Dollar City decided, ‘we will make sure that there are enough recruits for our fire department so we never have that issue again,’ with the town burning to the ground," says Silver Dollar City General Manager Brad Thomas,

Silver Dollar City recruits should have good lookout points; rides include an eight-story drop on Fire Fall, flying balloon rides, along with flying swings.

"Our objective isn't to be the biggest anything in America," says Silver Dollar City owner Pete Herschend. "We want to be the best."

Herschend says Fireman's Landing will also feature a splash pad with fire hoses, a dalmatian ride, and kid friendly obstacle courses.

"This isn't intended to take you on a ride for 90 seconds," says Herschend. "But a place where you can go - mom and dad and the kids - and spend an hour if they want to."

"I just think its going to be a big impact on our community," says Branson Hotel owner Gail Myer.

Myer says he hopes the other new addition to Silver Dollar City will also help to draw in crowds from around the country.

"Everybody in America knows the Harlem Globetrotters," he says.

The basketball act will perform three times a day inside Heritage Hall for six weeks during the Star Spangled Summer.

"They can see high flying slam dunks, unique ball handing and just great comedy," says Harlem Globetrotter, "Handles" Franklin.

Franklin says after performing around the world - 250 days a year - the group is looking forward to settling down for a short time in Branson.

"First time in our history, " says Franklin, "We can't wait to come to Silver Dollar City, a kiss from 'Handles,'" he says while kissing KOLR10’s camera.

The Globetrotters will perform during the months of June and July, Fireman's Landing, is set to open in March.

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