Northwest Arkansas Preparedness Fair

BENTONVILLE, AR—8th Annual Expo prepares Northwest Arkansas to weather any storm.

“It's, it's really cool. They cover everything,” said Tonya Bingham.

The Northwest Arkansas preparedness Fair, brought in 70 vendors and local families, like the Bingham's, together to learn about safety in emergency situations.
As a mother of three, it's a way for Tonya Bingham to prepare for the worst.

“If they go missing, or if you lose them temporarily you can say hey this is my child I need to find them. 'Cause how often do we carry an updated picture of our kid. We get them on the wall, we give 'em to grandma, grandpa. But we don't really keep them in our wallet,” Bingham said.

The department of health was on hand showing kids the proper way to wash their hands, with a sanitation station.---
And electric companies had demonstrations, showing them the dangers of powerlines.
With so much information, this mom is able to take things back home for the future.

"You can get overwhelmed, but they give you papers, you can take home and read. And you can just keep that. You just pull that out and it gives you security. And um just a sense like, I can do this, I can be prepared and you know where to start,” said Bingham.

The expo is getting locals ready to weather any storm.
Even featuring our own NWA Weather Authority Dan Skoff and Gina Devecchio. --- showing kids the green screen and how to be little mini-meteorologists.

"We dont' know what we're going to face and when we're going to face it. Between tornadoes, or earthquakes, or personal emergencies, with fire, we want to know what to do uh and in the right way to do it and that's what we're here to do to help each other be prepared,” said volunteer Tracy Hone.

“Many times you think emergency preparedness is calling 9-1-1. Um, but there's so much we can do at home,” Bingham said.

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