Over the Edge: A Pricey Ferrari, Wiped out Kid, and Tiny Woman

A little girl all tuckered out and a tiny woman with big dreams. Here is Monday's edition of "Over the Edge News".

In California, a 1967 Ferrari Convertible sold for 27.5 million dollars at an auction. It's the highest price ever paid for any road car at auction. The former owner says all profit from the sale will go to charity.

In Bulgaria, after a long flight, this six-year-old girl fell asleep on her father's suitcase. Dad decided it was best to let her rest, and dragged her along. She was so tired she didn't wake up. Mom made sure to get it all on camera.

In India, the smallest woman on earth, now could be holding another record. She's unveiling her book, which could be the biggest book on earth. Hundreds gather to catch a glimpse of the book and the small celebrity, who hopes to be featured with the 30-foot novel in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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