Over the Edge: Bedazzled dogs, bowling turkeys and tiger attacks

Published 11/27 2013 10:07PM

Updated 11/28 2013 01:00AM

In news going "Over the Edge" Wednesday, bedazzled dogs, turkey bowling and a tiger attack at a zoo in Australia.

In Colorado, nail painting, feather extensions and even temporary tattoos. They're not just for people anymore. Some pet owners, giving their dogs some special gifts for the holidays by pampering,primping, and bedazzling them. They get groomed regularly, but this is a special treat. It's not just about putting bling on the pets-- it's about family. And cats can get it done, too.

In Texas, turkeys are not just for the dinner table. Teachers at a Texas intermediate school are putting a new spin on a popular pastime. They're bowling -- but with frozen turkeys. It's part of an effort to bring students together -- and help their community with a canned food drive during the event.

And in Australia, visitors at a zoo captured a frightening scene on camera: a Sumatran tiger attacking one of his trainers. David Styles was bitten on the neck and shoulders before co-workers were able to rescue him. Zoo officials say the tiger simply became too excited and didn't mean to attack. Styles is recovering after surgery on large puncture wounds to his neck.

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