Over the Edge: Curly chickens!

A shark visits a beach, a rooster ruffles feathers, and some pets pump iron! Time for stories that have gone "Over the Edge."

In San Diego, Jeff Fangman was doing some beach fishing when a he got a bite... A big bite! It was a young great white shark! Fangman says he's an experienced shark fisherman, but it's still a first for him! After posing for a few glamor shots -- he set the shark free.

In China -- a rooster with curly feathers is the talk of the town. Its owner has been raising chickens for years but has never seen anything like this. Local animal officials say environmental and other factors may have played a role in giving his feathers the distinctive curl.

And in Spokane, a gym gives new meaning to the term 'dog training.' Half of its members are dogs and training's not all they do... The gym also provides massages and facial scrubs, so people can treat themselves and their pets!

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